If you are missing a tooth, we strongly recommend getting it replaced. Replacing a missing tooth not only makes your smile look beautiful, it also helps maintain the structural integrity of your jaw and mouth. Dental bridges are an easy solution to replacing missing teeth. A dental bridge uses your existing surrounding teeth as anchors to hold the replacement crowns in place. The bridges are small abutments made of either gold or porcelain to ensure their strength and durability.

Our dental bridges are custom made to ensure a perfect fit. First, abutments will be made using your existing teeth where the bridge will be attached. Most often crowns will be placed on the surrounding existing teeth to reinforce their strength. Then, an impression or digital picture will be made of your mouth and sent to a lab where your bridge is made individually for you. Because the bridge is made from a mold of your mouth, it should fit as closely to you as possible to feel like natural teeth.

We will fit you with a custom temporary bridge as you wait for your permanent bridge to be made. This will temporarily fill your smile and protect your abutments and gums. Once your permanent bridge is finished, you will have another appointment to place the final bridge. We will use a strong adhesive to make sure that the final bridge is set. Some bridges can be made on-site in our lab depending on size.

Your new bridge may take a few days to get used to, but after a few days you will be loving having a functioning, whole smile! For the first few days after the placement of your permanent bridge, we recommend that you only eat soft foods. After the initial few days, you can eat whatever you want!