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If you have been putting off going to the dentist because of the anticipation of worry or fear, we have the solution! Sedation dentistry will allow you to be completely relaxed and get the treatment you need with no anxiety! With sedation dentistry, you won’t even remember the procedure. You will wake up with a healthier, happier mouth!

Schedule your Safe Sedation Dentistry Consultatioin today to see if this is the answer for you! Don’t let your anxiety stop you from getting the care you need! Call our office today.


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What Others Are Saying

“I have always been a nervous dental patient, but the friendly and caring staff here make it so easy. Jan is hands down the best hygienist I have ever had, she is so pleasant, reassures me, and does an excellent job! Dr. Michaels is wonderful and has an excellent team behind him!”

– Kelly

“Just moved to the area in November. I have been getting my teeth cleaned twice a year for almost 50 years. Ann gave me one of the best cleanings ever. The water tool they use is a great way to get a deep cleaning. The rest of the staff is very friendly. I also liked the fact I didn’t have to wait past my appointment time to get started.”

– Gene