Cookies For US Troops Overseas

Oconomowoc, WI (PRWEB) March 9, 2011

Jim Michaels D.D.S. purchased hundreds of Girl Scout cookies from Oconomowoc, WI girls this spring during their 2011 Girl Scout Cookies drive. Always a top supporter of the group, Michaels support became more ardent his year having survived a dangerous Rocky Mountains small plane crash with his daughter last summer. Taking his care one step further, he sent all the cookies to US Troops overseas.

Jim Michaels D.D.S. made an offer to all Oconomowoc Girl Scouts that he would purchase 2 boxes of cookies from each girl who came to his office and asked. Hundreds came and Michaels bought and bought and bought.

“I was fortunate to have survived the small plane crash with my 18 year old daughter last summer. We were able to walk away from the crash and survive overnight until Park rescuers found us. We could do this in part through earlier training and lessons learned from others in similar situations. This experience has motivated me to kick-up my support of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts,” says Jim Michaels D.D.S.