About Our Building

Today you know it as the home of Oconomowoc Dental Care, but did you know that our medical building at 819 Summit Avenue in Oconomowoc was designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright? It’s true! Originally from Kenosha, Robert Kueny was a UW-Madison grad who had served a fellowship at Wright’s Taliesin studio in 1955. He then went on to open an architecture firm and was commissioned by Dr. Dean Epperson in 1962 to design an office building in Oconomowoc.

Kueny’s design was built for Dr. Epperson in 1963. He practiced medicine there from 1963 to 1983 and during that period, the structure was referred to as “the Epperson building.” That moniker has long since been forgotten, although to this day, our building stands as an architectural landmark in the City of Oconomowoc.

Dr. Rodney Barnes has practiced dentistry in this building since 1965, not even slowing down in 1986, the year a young Dr. Jim Michaels took over the practice. Drs. Barnes and Michaels have long enjoyed working together and sharing their mutual love of aviation, which continues to this day. Dr. Barnes is still a licensed pilot and very much enjoys flying—at the ripe young age of 97!

Some of you may remember the late Dr. Edd Kreutzman, who was also a close friend of Dr. Michaels, and was quite well-known in the Oconomowoc area. He practiced dentistry with Dr. Michaels from1986 to1997.

With its flat roof, brickwork, and window placement, there is no questioning Wright’s influence on Kueny’s design. But wait until you step inside! Our office has a naturally warm, friendly feel to it. A cozy fireplace graces the reception area. The brick layout, clean lines, and natural lighting—all afforded by the architect’s design—are what give our interior environment its unique look and feel. That atmosphere is further enhanced by the ever-friendly staff at Oconomowoc Dental Care, to say nothing of the fresh baked cookies, which we serve daily!

If you have not yet experienced the ambience at the offices of Oconomowoc Dental Care firsthand, you really should stop by soon. We will be only too happy to show you around.