A dental implant is the most permanent and preferred method for replacing a missing tooth. If you are looking to replace a missing tooth, a dental implant could be your answer! Not only does an implant look and function like a natural tooth, it also preserves your jawbone. The implant is placed in the jawbone and acts as a natural tooth root, giving you a solid foundation for your restorative crown. You will be able to laugh, smile, speak and eat with confidence!

Your smile can be whole and beautiful again with a dental implant! Call Oconomowoc Dental Care to see if a dental implant is the solution for you!

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“I had a tooth that had been bothering me for a little while. It was very painful and made eating difficult. I finally set up an appointment to get it taken care of, even though I was afraid it was going to be even more painful. I had psyched myself out as it was probably one of the easiest dentist appointments I had ever had. Not only was my tooth no longer in pain, but I was able to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with my family. Thank you so much, doctor!”


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